Business: Find new ways to do business that's both eco-friendly and profitable Students: Build your resume, get class credit, and help the environment Colleges & Non-Profits: Streamlin access to business ready work with students on projects School of Life: Join a network of people from all walks of life creating sustainable ideas

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Reuse 60,000 Tons Of Urban Wood

Greenway Recycling, Llc

Eric Wentland

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Garden Furniture

Escalator Rails Reuse Solutions?

Port Of Portland

What is ecoapprentice?

We are a problem solving platform where sustainability questions are crowdsourced to a diverse pool of students and professionals. Businesses can post a challenge to get outside-the-box ideas good for profit and planet. Members can win a cash EcoBounty by finding a solution!

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A business opportunity

Add to your business's positive impact and PR by engaging your customers & community with an EcoChallenge. A small posting fee gets your EcoChallenge out to the think tank. You don't pay the bounty until you have an acceptable solution!


A place to partner on ideas

You could get paid to think! Add your great idea to a growing list of EcoSolutions good for people & planet.


A way to learn skills

Solving a REAL business problem looks great on a resume. Students can get project based experience which may earn academic credit. Become a member for free!

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