Kind words..

MBA students from Portland State University

"EcoApprentice created the opportunity for a group of MBA students to utilize our newly acquired skills and knowledge and apply them in solving an EcoChallenge. We were given a very open-ended problem and we had to figure out the most eco-friendly solution. There were open communication lines with both the issuers of the challenge and the EcoApprentice team which made for a very enjoyable working environment. We are all very concerned about sustainability and preserving the planet for future generations and it was exciting to be involved in one of the first Ecochallenges that allowed us to actually make a difference beyond the classroom." ---- Yannick C., Kara S., Michelle W., James W.

Professor/Student Advisor PSU

It has been quite rewarding to work with EcoApprentice on their first Eco Challenge project; assisting Grand Cru Wine Tours with obtaining their Sustainable travel International (STI) certification to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Our BA 506 project team learned a great deal about the certification process, and they were able to help Byron of Grand Cru address most of the certification criteria with concrete recommendations. --- Beth Freeman, Ph.D., BA 506 Advisor - Portland State University

Business Owner/Grand Cru Wine Tours

EcoApprentice created a valuable link between my business and the PSU team that would not have happened without this resource. With this help, we were able to complete the required criteria and submit our initial application for eco-certification to STI. Our first EcoChallenge was a success. We look forward to being able to use EcoApprentice to post more EcoChallenges in the future to help find new innovative improvements. Byron Williams, Owner and Wine Guide UPDATE 3/24/11 Grand Cru Wines Tours was awarded a awarded a 1 star Eco-certification level and became officially the first and only eco-certified wine tour company in Oregon.

Sustainable Travel International

I applaud the hard work of the Portland State University students! Certification is not to be taken lightly and EcoApprentice students made the process an overwhelming success. As an advocate of experiential education, I am excited to learn that the students had such a positive experience and one that will help shape their professional careers. The very foundation of well-rounded education is to learn and experience outside of the classroom walls. The students now have a practical skill set that they can incorporate throughout their careers. We look forward to continuing our relationship with EcoApprentice and working to Leave the World a Better PlaceĀ®. Robert Chappell, MNR --- Director of Standards Development, STI