Dear EcoApprentice User,

What follows are some informal thoughts on Intellectual Property here on EcoApprentice. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more detailed legalese.

Our vision includes being an online meeting place to share ideas to make a home, business, corporation, school, or planet more sustainable. Not all ideas are subject to patent or copyright protection; however, both EcoChallenges and EcoSolutions may include valuable intellectual property. Please remember EcoApprentice publicly posts all approved EcoChallenges and EcoSolutions; information and content in EcoChallenges and EcoSolutions are neither privileged or confidential. If you have an amazing original idea, we suggest you consult with independent legal counsel (like a patent attorney) before posting any information that may include intellectual property and original work you want to protect. In other words, if you want to keep it secret - don't post it here!

We are trying to encourage group think and build a library of EcoSolutions that are freely shared across the EcoApprentice community and in turn, across the country and globe. Per our Terms of Service, Users are free to connect, communicate, and enter into independent contracts or agreements outside EcoApprentice. Our goal is to generate discussion 100% dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly outcomes to everyday problems, and build a resource to enhance that discussion.

Officers, volunteers, employees, founders, and any and all others working by and through EcoApprentice are not authorized to consult with Users on legal matters related to intellectual property protections, and nothing that is said here, should be construed as legal advice.

Please contact us at if you have general questions or observations.

The EcoApprentice Team