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Farm to Table to Farm!


Developing a realistic, efficient, health-law compliant composting system at the restaurant. This is really tricky because there's not a lot of space, the health department has very strict regulations, and the busy nature of the business. Also, West Linn does not pick up compost. Somehow, it seems like there might be a way for one of the nearby farms to benefit, but we're not sure

Challenge Guidelines

Must comply with Oregon health code and food handling laws.

What this challenge offers to the winner

Loads of thanks and recognition. Seriously, this is an industry that will benefit tremendously.

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Staci Schwarz: So long as your food scraps are stored in an appropiate way and removed regularly it shouldn't be a problem. I would simply list on craigslist that you have available scraps for anyone willing to commit to a pick up schedule. Separate your compost-able scraps into a "garden" bin, and non compost-able scraps into a "pig" bin. The bins can be exchanged with the farmer(s), old full one out, new clean one in, via the "back" or supply door. For cleanliness, I would recommend having smaller dish pan type bins in the dish clearing area as well as the food prep area, those bins can be dumped into the larger bin when full, and washed daily so as not to contaminate the area. You might even advertise it as a business opp. I've seen people who have spare land and operate compost businesses, collecting scraps from restaurants and selling the resulting compost to the public. Pig farmers do this too, pick up garbage food, feed their pigs, then sell the meat.

Jon Cotterell: Have you tried anaerobic digestion? Getting methane gas as a by-product and lovely soil improver too.

Nicole Cousino: Great feed for worms. How about a back of the restaurant vermicomposter?

Galen Mittermann: Maybe donate to a community garden? It seems that a lot of community gardens could use high quality compost & fertilizer, you could probably get a volunteer to pick up compost once a week or so. Here's a list of community gardens in the PDX area:

Justin Mc Carty: I would second the anaerobic digestion comment. Digesters are a great way to get the energy out of waste products. If you can work with livestock farmers (poop) and biodiesel producers (glycerin) you can start to build a great community-based energy solution for waste products.

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