How does this all work?

Consider posting an EcoChallenge! Users post EcoChallenges related to finding solutions for questions related to sustainability and being more eco-friendly. From large corporations to small homes, people are trying to figure out how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. EcoApprentice is a place where you can post your eco-related question to the crowd! Posting an EcoChallenge is entirely optional.

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How to post an EcoChallenge: Look for the Post an EcoChallenge button at the top (right) of the EcoChallenges page or by going to your Dashboard (see link in white box top of page). You will be directed to a page that says New Challenge. Fill in the boxes for Title, Description, Guidelines/Judging Criteria, What this Challenge offers the winner, start/stop dates, Location, and check one or more of the sustainability icon categories. Then click the Create your Challenge button.

Tips for posting EcoChallenges:

They can be super simple or complex, from home, work, or school. Be sure to include enough details so people can provide you with great solutions! Offering a reward for the best solution is optional.There are many creative rewards possible, (other than money). Some ideas:

  • A coupon or discount for a product or service offered by the EcoChallenge poster's business or organization.
  • A letter (or email) of appreciation to the winner.
  • A donation to a student's college or university nonprofit foundation.
  • A promotional product or service from your business or organization.
  • A write up or press release about the solution on a blog, newsletter, on Facebook, or Twitter.
  • A compliment!
  • A monetary prize.
  • Any other offering at the creative discretion of the challenge poster.

Posting an EcoSolution: At the bottom of every EcoChallenge write up is a button which says - Post a Solution To This Challenge. Press this button and you are taken to a new page that says New Solution. Give your solution a title (in the title box) and description, then click the submit button. If the challenger chooses your solution idea, you will be notified.

All EcoSolution suggestions and comments related to EcoChallenges and EcoSolutions are public. We have found members prefer an open forum which encourages the sharing of ideas. The “Post a Solution” button and “Add Your Comment” link are found at the bottom of each EcoChallenge and EcoSolution.

How to choose an EcoSolution winner: Please wait until you have reached the end date of your EcoChallenge. If you have one or more solution suggestions, read them all and click the I AGREE box below the solution you like the best. This will then be posted as an EcoSolution on our home page. The sustainability icons associated with it will turn from RED to GREEN, and the winner will be notified. If your challenge deadline has passed with either no solution suggestions or none that you like, you can click EDIT on the upper left hand corner of the challenge page and re-post it with new start/stop dates. Consider revising the language or adding more details. We believe every challenge has a solution!

Any rewards offered by users on EcoApprentice are subject to the independent guidelines and/or official rules established and published by the user/organizer posting the EcoChallenge. The Challenger shall be solely responsible for offering and administering the reward. We are thrilled to see EcoChallenges turn into EcoSolutions and encourage users to communicate directly to discuss the details.

EcoMail: Every user is automatically assigned an Inbox. Access your Inbox by clicking on it from within the white box on the top of the page. If you have new mail, this will be reflected by a number next to your Inbox. EcoMail is only set up for private communication between members on the EcoApprentice platform.

Dashboard: From your dashboard you can Post an Update. Look for the Post an Update button. Update arepublic status updates that share what you are up to, or anything else of interest related to EcoApprentice, environmental news, your mood, or the weather! You can edit your updates anytime by clicking edit in your update box after it's posted. You can also Post an EcoChallenge from your Dashboard page (scroll down).

Like: Clicking the link "Like" below any box means you like what you are reading. It could be an EcoChallenge, a person, a business etc. Likes show up on the dashboard page of the person or organization as part of a total number count.

Follow: If you follow someone, this will show up on your dashboard with that user's logo or picture under Following. Click on their picture and see what they are up to on EcoApprentice. Whenever they post an update, it will appear it your dashboard. You can unfollow a user at any time by clicking on their name, then click the unfollow link. NOTE: The default icon for all users is a pair of muddy hiking boots, until a user uploads a picture or logo, they will be represented as muddy boots (still cool).

Account Settings/upload a logo: From this link (top of page after logged in) you can edit your profile, upload a logo or picture, change your password, or totally delete your account. You can also add a hyper-link that posts the web address which leads back to your business. NOTE: Uploading a picture is for representing the person or "organizer", uploading a logo represents the business or school. We still have lots of muddy boots up, so feel fee to post a picture of yourself or anything fun! Here is a good link to find free avatars/icons:

Comment: You can comment by clicking comment. COMMENTS ARE PUBLIC. Click comment to wave hello, offer congrats, pose a question, or start a public thread about the EcoChallenge or EcoSolution. You will see a on the challenge and user boxes. This bubble contains the number of comments related to what's happening in the box.

Search: Is next to the HELP link and appears after you login. EcoApprentice has a very basic search engine - meaning you can plug in one word searches to find a topic (soap) or person (first or last name) or a business. At this time, we are not set up for advanced search options. Stay tuned!

Contact: Please click on the CONTACT link up top if you would like to ask us any questions, or have concerns, suggestions, or praise. We greatly value your feedback!

Invite a Friend: Below the 8 sustainability icons on the EcoChallenges page is a box for entering the email address of a friend who will enjoy EcoApprentice. They will then receive a personal invite from you to become a member for free!

FEEDBACK REQUESTED! These instructions are a basic over-view. If we left anything out, or if something is not clear - please let us know!

For all users: You must be 18 or older to join EcoApprentice and post EcoChallenges and EcoSolutions.