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Higher Farmer's Market Attendance


We want to triple weekly attendance at the Saturday Farmer's Market in Hillsdale.

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Cannot cost more than average office supplies

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A bookmark

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Fhyre Phoenix: Me thinks ye must offer more than a book-mark to get the creative juices and suggestions flowing. You're asking for a lot and offering little. I have ideas... but alas.

Justin Mc Carty: Knowing nothing about your Market I can only say that you should try establishing partnerships with larger institutions (Colleges, hospitals, HR depts at Corps, etc.) around you. What worked for our market in Central PA was establishing these relationships and then having the institutions sponsor weekly buying programs for their members. These ended up coming in the form of free tokens for the market as a tool to promote healthy eating.

David Evans: Identify your audience and connect with them via social media. You can partner with vendors to produce coupons and disseminate them on Twitter or Facebook. That's free! It just takes a little time and effort to develop a digital presence online. Once you get some followers you can even host a contest for "best picture of local produce" to encourage engagement with your audience.

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