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Using eco-friendly commercial dish cleaner for our restaurant that is also health-code compliant.We use as many eco-friendly cleaners as possible, but again, the health department has really strict guidelines. The chemicals in use to clean dishes are super crazy strong and probably very toxic. We'd really love to find something that would work, get the dishes as clean as can be, and is not going to be toxic in the water system.

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Must comply with Oregon health code & food handling requirements for restaurants.

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Lots of recognition and thanks. Seriously.

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Lisa Williams: This is a great challenge that could affect all restaurants and coffee shops! Does anyone know if Oregon compliance codes are similar to other states?

Pennie O'grady: Some physical therapy and sports places I go to use a sprayed solution of tea tree oil (10 drops per quart) in place of a bleach solution. Sounds like you'd have to change the health dpt's codes in your situation to be in compliance, though.

Colin Price: According to the Food Service Regulations available from Oregon Health Authority, Section 4-501.114, chemical sanitizers can include chlorine, iodine solutions, quarternary ammonium compounds or "other" chemicals. If a product containing a chemical other than these three is used, it should be applied according to "manufacturer's use directions". Rules available at: When choosing an alternative that will be safer for people and the environment, I'd recommend looking for EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) or GreenSeal certified products. The DfE website has a searchable list of labeled products for "industrial/institutional" category, including automatic dishwasher detergents. There are a number of northwest companies manufacturing products in this category. Search the list here:

Kevin Pile: Great input @Lisa @Penny and @Colin Other additional inputs. 1) Contact Heather or Nathan at Maid Naturally located in Spokane. They do not carry a dish cleaner as part of their product line presently that I am aware of. However, they are developing every day. Might be an opportunity to get your foot in the door. 2) Coming soon....... UV Light Disenfecting Commercial Dishwashers. LG is releasing their line soon SustainAbly, Ecotrain

Joe Shapiro: The EcoSense line at includes Diamomnd Brite cleans without the use of bleach, chlorine or phosphates. You can read about here - Please feel free to contact me for details at (503) 329-5884 or

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