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Disposing of carpet from remodel


What's the most eco friendly way to dispose of old unusable carpet from a home remodel?

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Lisa Williams: Thank you to Sara Eddie and Eric Wentland for their great solutions!

Lisa Williams: I had 2 great solutions to this problem. thanks to Eric Wentland for this one too. "A little Good news, a little Bad news ...posted by Eric Wentland Technologically we can recycle almost anything... then the reality of the real life situation sets in and it is all about markets for the end product. Modern carpets are almost all some kind of synthetic nylon. Wears like iron, never breaks down, has very few uses or markets. The backing is even tougher. Oregon has no easy way to recycle although in very limited situations Far West Fibers might take it (check with Cheryl Wilhelm at 503.643.9944 ). So that was the bad news. Carpet can be used to kill grass and weeds before you plant a garden. Cut it into easily managed strips and just lay it over the area you want to kill off, walk away from it and a few weeks later everything underneath will be dead. You will also get lots of questions from neighbors who will want to know what you are doing, so it is also a great way to meet people. When you are all done with it you can put it on craigslist and offer to deliver it to the next person who wants a guaranteed weed killer."

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